We Are Anoche. We Shape Spaces with Light

Lights on.

Anoche is a lighting design studio aimed to enhance architectural projects through light consultancy services from both, An aesthetical and a technical perspective.

Light is the intangible material that helps to enhance the potential of the project both indoors and outdoors. Through lighting design, we help to create atmospheres that highlight and provide a differential value to architectural, urban and artistic projects.

By doing so, we tell stories, draw guidelines, awaken emotions. We design conversations between natural and artificial light.

A lot of our works have been recognised and prized by renown international lighting design awards as well as the Lighting Design Awards, the LIT Design Awards and the Mies van der Rohe Award.

The Philarmonic Hall of Szczecin in Poland, the FC Barcelona Stadium, the Massimo Dutti Store in Lisboa or the hotels Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Madrid and Four Seasons in Madrid are some of our lastest notorious projects.


Anoche was founded in 2007 in Barcelona by Jordi Ballesta, Marià Vallés and Xavier Ferrés.
The studio is currently managed by Jordi Ballesta as Design Director

We are a constellation of professionals who shine from their different areas of expertise: architecture, interior and product design, stage and audiovisual lighting.

A mixture of cultures of different origins and languages. One thing in common:
Our passion for light.

Think. Feel. Light.

Our work methodology is focused on adding value to architectural projects using our knowledge in lighting design and consultancy. We offer different services covering three scopes of action:

Design and Management

We use all our resources of architectural lighting solutions adapted to the specific scale of each project. Our studio provides lighting support for complex architectural works and high end residential projects as well as for the development of temporary light art installations. Anoche controls the execution on-site from start to finish to ensure a successful result. This process usually leads to the design of bespoke and tailor-made solutions to reach the real and specific needs of a lighting project.


We add value and content in the technical area such as lighting control of lighting, sustainability and wellbeing, energy saving and Technical Codes and standards implementation. Anoche is always investigating new technologies and techniques. Our commitment is to improve day by day the development of projects with LED technology in both indoor and outdoor applications, including facade lighting.

Teaching and Researching

Anoche is a collaborating member of APDI and IALD, the Spanish and International associations of lighting designers and also participants in many trade fairs and forums. We are committed and actively involved in teaching and research to transmit the value and power that light has for all of us.


Our portfolio includes a large selection of projects which have been recognized with both national and international Lighting Design Awards given by associations in charge of the lighting design culture and community worldwide.

In addition, many of the projects in which we have been involved have been awarded with the most well-know and prestigious architecture and design prizes, granted to the architecture studios and design companies, authors of the projects.